Tuesday, July 12, 2005

This and that on a rain-drenched Tuesday

In the Obscure Observance Department, today is the Irish celebration of the “Battle of the Boyne.” In the sake of unity, however, I would urge my Protestant brethren to avoid razzing their Catholic friends with a Nelsonian “HAH hah!”


Today's top Springfield State Journal-Register headline: Two accused of flipping
Today's top Chicago Tribune headline: Shrub poisoned zoo monkeys
The two headlines combined: Two accused of flipping shrub-poisoned zoo monkeys.


Mrs. Z and I watched our new DVD of the Cameron Crowe classic "Say Anything" last night. Twice. In a row. The second time, we watched the commentary from Crowe, John Cusack and Ione Skye.

"Say Anything" pretty much summed up our high school experience. Crowe's writing, which goes from honest and conversational to poetic without missing a beat, is only topped by Cusack's unforgettable character work as Lloyd Dobler. Of his character's mindset, Cusack said: "Optimism is a revolutionary act."


Monday, July 11, 2005

Company comin’!

I found out over the weekend that the lovely Mz. Ouiser is coming to Illinois this week for a visit. I was amused to hear that she really has a yen for some Karaoke.

The fact that Mrs. Z and I are Karaoke junkies is not a great secret, although we have been inactive for more than a month. It is curious to me, however, that the woman I hold up as Metropolitan Culture Girl — whom I’ve long regarded as a poster child for escaping the Midwest and Getting a Life — yearns for the relatively rustic pleasures of a Karaoke bar.

I won’t analyze it any further, however. It’s always a treat to see Ms. O, and Mrs. Z and I wouldn’t mind terribly if we were dynamite fishing off Lake Springfield, so long as we had a chance to socialize again.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Not that I'm cynical

... but what are we to make of this? Live 8 performers' record sales are booming. Maybe fans are rewarding these artists for their generous donation of face time for a worthy cause.

The one appeasing fact from this article: their was some actual fund-raising going on. The recording of the McCartney/U2 duet "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" is selling like hotcakes on the Internet, with proceeds going toward the poverty-stricken. So it's not like the epic concert's only purpose was to tweak the G8's leaders -- a goal which seemed decidedly unambitious to me.

Ok, so I am cynical.

By the way ... thanks for your patience in between posts. Mrs. Z are done with one show (Ragtime) and are a month away from starting another (Jekyll & Hyde).

Yes ... the audition which was causing me some anxiety went well.